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For Warriors, Queens and Women of Substance

Nuné Moné creates clothing for brave, connected women. It’s for Goddesses of all sizes, women who salute the sun, run with the wolves, dance under the stars.

Whether you’re deepening your yoga practice, letting go of inhibition at a festival or exploring the world, Nuné Moné will leave you feeling both feminine and effortlessly stylish.  

A Manifestation of Growth and Self Discovery

Nuné Moné is a free spirited range of festival, yoga and activewear for powerful women. It’s for women who know themselves but desire continuous awakenings.  

This globally conscious range of lush activewear was inspired by one woman’s travels across many continents to discover, embrace and honour her true nature. Nuné Moné is her offering of this realisation with every season representing a new country. 

Make a Globally Conscious, Authentic Statement

Look closely and you’ll see that each Nuné Moné design tells a multi-layered story of both humanity and spirtuality. Our prints acknowledge the beautiful but sometimes raw, contradictions of life.

By recognising both the shadows and the light, we find balance, truth and growth, the most potent ingredients of authentic self discovery.

Nuné Moné will allow you manifest your intentions, to bring your sassy, authentic, wild self to the mat, the party - and beyond - with compassion and gratitude for every facet of your being.